Why Resolutions Don’t Work & The “Secret Sauce” Solution

It’s almost a month into the new year and many people will have made and broken their New Year’s Resolutions already! They’ve maybe even made that resolution before and yet it didn’t stick.

This is a really common thing. You have really great intentions, it seems like an awesome idea, you’re motivated, you’re pumped up and ready for change. Then, the next thing you know, you get busy, life gets in the way and your resolutions fall by the wayside.

The good new is that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are two specific reasons that happens and a really simple solution.

In this video, I share the two main reasons most people don’t follow through on their resolutions and the 6 steps to creating truly compelling goals. Step #6 is the Secret Sauce to making any goal stick so you keep going even when you get sidetracked, stuck or just plain old frustrated. Make sure you watch the video to the end!

I’d love to see you succeed at whatever your heart desires. If you apply the 6 steps I share, you’ll have a much higher chance of creating the changes you want to make in any area of your life. 

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you. What’s 1 goal you’re committed to achieving in the next 1-2 years and WHY is that important to you?

Please share in the comments below!

I’m excited to see you cruise through the year and make your dreams a reality. Keep up the great work, the awesome focus and commitment to yourself and to Create Your Dream Life and Business!

~Dawn XO

PS. I do these 6 steps every year – it’s powerful. You may want to get together with a friend or colleague to do this and have them as an accountability buddy to help you maintain your focus throughout the year!

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