What I wish I knew before I started my business(es).

Man oh man. There are so many things I wish I knew before I started my first business.

Going from being a contractor to a full fledged business owner (two decades ago!), was a totally different ball game. There were definitely some tough times.

If I were to go back and start all over, the very first thing I would do – is I would do it my way!

In a way that resonates with my inner voice, my inner knowing.

You know, that whisper that hints for you to you to go in a certain direction?

Ya, ok, there are systems to set up, strategies, financials and all that jazz…but first things first – the feel, the direction of the business has to resonate with you.

There were so many voices in my head. My dad’s voice – for good reason was one of the prominent voices. This is fair enough. I grew up working for him and he owned successful businesses. But, I’m not him. I have different innate talents, vision and style.

Then, there were my business partners. They had strong voices and opinions (as did I), that didn’t always sit well with me. Sometimes I went along to get along…but then it was me in the trenches doing the work and building the majority of the business. Big mistake!

It’s great to collaborate and hear out other people’s perspectives as long as you don’t sacrifice your values, beliefs and who you are.

You know what you have to give. You know you have value.

And if you don’t – I’m telling you that you do!

The single most important decision I ever made in business was to trust my gut. And be myself.

Once I was free from the chatter of how I was “supposed to be”, the business took off.

There was a 28% increase in profits – actual bottom line – in one quarter – because I brought a different energy to the business.

Then, fast forward…we got head hunted by the biggest company in our industry. AND SOLD THE COMPANY FOR A REALLY GREAT PROFIT!

Was I always popular all those years when I was living my truth? Nope.

Was I popular during negotiations when I stood up for what I believed in and owned my worth? Nope.

But, I owned it. I owned who I am and I believed in myself and my value.

And, I had some key people who reminded me of that any time I doubted it.

That’s why I’m here for you. I’m here to help you own your worth to the fullest. To help you see that you have value and have a voice worth listening to (especially your inner voice).

You deserve all the success and happiness there is to have in YOUR life.

Live for now. Live for you. This time is all we have. We can’t get it back.

So how are you going to live?

What’s your truth? 

It’s time to go get it. In your way, on your terms. 

I’m right beside you cheering you on.

-And Remember-

Come connect with me over on Facebook or Instagram. Let me know how you’re going to live your truth!

Keep believing in yourself and believe in your dreams. You’ve got everything it takes to make it all happen.

Dawn xo

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