The Real Reason You Should Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


I love getting great questions from other people that make me think and learn. I was recently asked why we’re always being told to step outside of our comfort zone when it’s so darn uncomfortable! What a great question!

It’s not always easy or natural to go into that uncomfortable place. It can be even harder if you’ve been doing something for so long that you don’t have any references of how to do it differently. I think this is where the “think outside the box” term got coined. So often, people get trapped in their comfort zone that they forget there is life outside of the walls they created for themselves!

That’s why I believe that our greatness truly lies outside our normal, comfortable lives. Inevitably, when I work with people and they finally muster up the courage to do something scary, the excitement of overcoming the fear makes them feel alive!

They learn about themselves, realize they have more resources, capability and ability than they ever realized. Then, they get to keep building on that success and before they know it, they’ve smashed their old comfort zone and created a new one!

Guess what? Then it’s time to step outside “the box” again. That’s what will help you keep feeling like you’re growing and contributing to the world, which, ultimately is what will make you happy.

I know it can be scary – I’ve been there too.  Taking a step into the unknown isn’t for the faint of heart. The thing is, I know you’re destined for greatness and your greatness continues to lie outside your current comfort zone.  The good news is that the more you practice going outside your comfort zone, the more comfortable it will be! So, go for it!

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you! Where will you step outside your comfort zone next? Is it a conversation you need to have? Learn something new for your business? Try something new that’s been on your mind for a while?

Share in the comments below!

As you step outside of your comfort zone, remember to keep believing in yourself and know that you’re destined to experience even more of your greatness in your life if you choose to!

~Dawn xo

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