How To Set Boundaries When Something Feels Uncomfortable


Have you ever been asked to share more about your business or personal life than you’re comfortable sharing? Have you had that “icky” feeling that just doesn’t feel right?

As you become more and more successful, you will be asked to share things that you may not be comfortable sharing. Things such as how you built your business, how you manage your business, where you get your resources or materials, how you market and so on. While it can be flattering that someone admires your work and looks up to you, it’s still important to ensure you have a way to support and help people while maintaining your own integrity.

As I discuss in the video, I share quite a bit about my business and what I’ve done to make it succeed. I’ve also had great mentors along the way who have been very generous.

However, there are certain things that are truly confidential that I don’t share. In addition, it’s often important for others to go through an experience to truly learn and master a skill rather than just having something handed to them.

It’s kind of like teaching someone to fish rather than just giving them the fish! Empowering them with resources that will support them over time is much more valuable than anything else you can offer them.

In the end, at times, we all have to set boundaries. It can be tricky especially when we really want to help people and see them succeed. One of the most important things to do, is to decide in advance how much you are willing to share about you and your company with others.

Secondly, think about how you can truly best serve someone and help them grow their business. For example, you can consider sharing where you learned certain skills and where you get your resources, or you can recommend programs that have helped you advance your business skills.

It’s also ok, to just say, “I’m sorry, I’m not comfortable sharing that.”  Be honest while remembering, you were once in their shoes. You can always guide them in right direction to help them get the answers they’re seeking, without giving away the farm!

You’re on the road ahead and they’re looking up to you. Over time, you will get past the discomfort of being asked these awkward questions and you’ll have your own way of handling these sticky moments.

Either way, you and your company are unique to you and no once can reproduce that!

Now, I’d love to hear from you!  Have you ever been asked to share more than you’re comfortable with? How did you deal with it?

Please share in the comments below!

Until next time, shake off that “icky” feeling and keep believing in yourself. Keep taking action and make your dreams happen!

~Dawn xo

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