Stand Up and Work!

Do you spend long hours sitting at a computer? As I write this post, I am walking on my treadmill! Yup, I’m weird and I love it! As a Physical Therapist, when I am treating patients, I get to move all day which keeps me feeling great!  One of the challenges I have as I […]

Moments of Despair Shape Our Lives

How a Moment of Despair can shape critical decisions that change your life! The decision that changed my pain forever…. Over 17 years ago when I was in New Zealand, I remember sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall as I cried holding and shaking my head in frustration. I had gone all the […]

The Key To Happiness

It’s free and available anytime you want it! The other day I was at a BBQ, chatting away with a few women having some good old down to earth girl chat.  One of the women who I have known for 9 years commented on how happy and great I looked. She said it didn’t look […]

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