Take Back Your Time

Take Back Your Time

You’re busy, I know! I’m a busy person too. And I enjoy having a purpose and a focus for the day.

However, it’s easy to get burned out and stressed about everything there is to do. There’s not enough time to do everything on the list.

Have you ever felt this way? Been over run and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. Like a hamster on a wheel?

Well, you don’t have to. You can actually stop and take a deep breath. Take a pause. Step to the side for a moment and look at the big picture. The world will keep turning while you do this.

It will never all “be done”. Thank goodness! It means you will still have purpose, you will still be productive. Each day is a new day to create on your terms. Just slow it down…rushing only begets more rushing. Which creates stress, which is not fun!

Enjoy the process. That’s the key. And OWN your time. You choose how you spend it. It’s totally cool to be busy, if that’s what you want and like. Just be aware that’s what you’re choosing.

As a type A go getter, I’ve had to learn to slow things down. The irony is the more time I take for myself, the more I get done because I do it in flow. I don’t have the big lists anymore. Sure, I have items on the list that will get done.

But I’m not doing it in a push. I’m doing it in a pull.

There is a weird discipline to going with YOUR flow. It’s a different discipline. It’s about following your gut, your inner voice and listening to what you need and want to do. There are so many demands from the outside world it can be hard to differentiate between your voice and the voice of others.

The only way to get clear on your voice is to get still long enough to hear it. In other words, slow things down a bit. Jump off the wheel and onto the ground to take one step at a time.

When you get that feeling of tension, stress, fear, anxiety, remember – you’re the boss of you. Take a moment and honour yourself. Step away from the busyness, the “doingness” and let it flow instead.

What do you really want?

That’s the magic and that’s when things will really start to expand in your business and life. So, I dare you. Take back ownership of your time. Take a break if you need it. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

Shoot me a message on Facebook or Instagram and share how you’re going to take back your time.

And remember – keep believing in yourself and keep believing in your dreams. You’ve got what it takes to make them happen!


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