It’s time to EXPAND.

You are who you believe you are. And the one thing you will strive to do is to remain consistent with who you think you are.

This is your identity. Not who others think you are, but who you think you are.

This is a very powerful thing. Sometimes we get stuck in being who we’ve always been – or who we think others want us to be.

We start living a life trying to please others and pigeon hole ourselves into a set idea of who we are and who we can be. Then, we stay there, afraid to change what we know.

Here’s the truth. You can be anyone you want to be. You can re-create or, even better, expand on who you are. After all, you’re already incredible.

You can be (and will be!) an even more expanded version of yourself. IF you choose to step out of your comfort zone and start thinking bigger. It’s time to explore the possibilities of who you can become. Why not be uber-incredible?

Your identity can expand bit by bit. Where are you holding back? Have you hit a plateau in your professional life, your finances, your personal relationships, your health or your spiritual life?

*Do you believe you can be a millionaire? Or multimillionaire?

*Do you believe you can have the relationships you desire?

*Do you believe you can do what you love and make money?

*Do you believe you can be radiant, rested and energetic?

*Do you believe you can tap into your inner being or connect with source at a deeper level?

Each area of your life has value and you have the ability to grow in all of them. This is what keeps life interesting.

It’s all up to you. You just have to see yourself as that person who creates what you desire. Then keep building the emotional strength and belief systems that carry you forward.

Tap into that calling you know is there in the back of your mind that keeps niggling at you. Hinting that you can keep evolving in your identity. You can be an even greater version of yourself.

But you have to believe you can be. It’s time to do the work and follow your instincts to take steps in the direction of your dreams. What part of your life could use a tune up? Or a wake up?

Since you’re already incredible, I know you have the ability and capacity to dive in and look deeper. In your deeper being, there is a calling towards something. That is the expansion you are destined for. This is the identity of who you are becoming.

Then once you have reached that summit, there will be another tug, pull and drawing to expand again. So you follow that flow. And then do it again…and again.

Growing and learning keep you feeling alive. Follow that little voice that is guiding you in the direction of creating an exceptional life.

Remember, it’s never “done”. Until the actual end, you have the opportunity to expand your identity. To BE more of who you are. To have more impact. To leave a legacy.

I’d love to hear what area of your life you’re going to expand next and who you’re becoming. Shoot me a message on Instagram or Facebook. Let’s chat!

Remember to keep believing in yourself. You’ve got what it takes to be who you’re meant to be and do what you’re meant to do.


PS. Keep an eye out for my new training! Rebel Entrepreneur Boot Camp! It’s time to kick ass, be more of you and expand your identity. More deets coming…

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