I don’t always get it right.

The school of life is an interesting thing. Just when you think you’ve got everything going in the direction you’ve planned – wham! It takes a turn you didn’t expect.

I’ve been blindsided by people I trusted. I’ve had the best laid plans that have gone off the rails. I’ve waited for “just the right time” to do what’s right for me…and then watched as others have forged ahead.

My sense of loyalty has prevented me from stepping away from friendships/relationships/businesses that didn’t serve me anymore.

In the past, I’ve not trusted myself or honoured myself. And I’ve made decisions to please others rather than do what I know to be true for me.

Yet, none of this is “bad” or makes me a bad person. In fact, it’s all made me better. I’ve learned from each experience and grown immensely. It’s all helped me become the person I am today.

The hardest times have made me reflect and come out a better person with more wisdom and ability to help others. Hitting the “bottom” has created inspiration and determination to change things and to become even more empowered. More kick ass!

Life is never perfect, but you can make it into an adventure of learning. The more you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable, the easier life becomes.

It’s a practice to listen to your gut and to have the courage to follow what you know to be right for you.

You always have options. It can be good to take time to sort through the mud and weed out what you believe is an expectation of others. To see if this is influencing your decisions. Or to get clear on how you feel about something.

I have learned to take a step back, or to the side, to evaluate why something feels off. Sometimes it’s my own BS – belief system 😉 or fear.

Sometimes – it’s just not right for me. My gut and intuition are not jiving with the situation at hand.

There are so many influences on our lives that can contribute to fogginess when making decisions. Our upbringing, our life experiences, other people’s opinions (some louder than others) or the stage of our lives. They’re all valid – as long as they are in line with who you are and what’s right for you.

I’ve learned I don’t have to change anything – or everything – in any set time frame. Things can unfold at different paces, yet, I know when it’s time to move on with a new plan, have the conversation, make that change or ask for what I really need. When it’s right for me…

To sum it up – I still don’t always get it “right”. However, I believe that life is happening FOR me. I trust in that, and know that it’s all for a higher good. If I choose, I will become an even better, wiser, smarter, stronger, kinder, determined…version of me.

You too can practice trusting yourself even more. There is a powerful, fierce person inside of you who just knows.

You may not always get it “right” or things may turn out differently than you planned or expected, but it’s all part of the school of life. You’re here to learn and expand to be even stronger, more successful and happier with every step you take.

Trust in yourself, let the mistakes be a guide to something that resonates more for you. Quiet your mind and let the other voices fall away. Then, hear your own. That’s when you have the power of your truth. And then do your best to honour it.

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Remember to keep believing in yourself…you have everything it takes to create an exceptional life.


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