5 Ways You Matter

  We’ve all had times in our life where we haven’t felt like we’re enough. We’re not smart enough, pretty enough, successful enough, tough enough, vulnerable enough…you get the picture. It’s human. The thing is, YOU MATTER. Plain and simple. It’s just believing it.  We’re often our own worst enemies because we let our minds […]

How to Let Someone Go

If you’ve done your part in providing support and training along the way and given them ample warning that there could be an end to their employment, they’re just not meant to be in that position. Once you come to your final decision and you’re ready to let someone go, remember to be as kind as possible while sticking to the facts.

How To Build An Effective Team

As you build your business you’ll also want to create an effective team of people to help you. Even if you’re a one man or one woman show, you’ll likely need some help from various contractors and professionals such as accountants and web developers along the way. Having an effective team can make a HUGE […]

How to Be Respected As An Approachable Leader

  Being a leader doesn’t always mean you need to come up with all the answers or that you need to rule with an iron fist. In fact, being an approachable leader where others feel welcome to talk to you and want to bring ideas to the table can be extremely helpful to you and […]

Navigating Business Partnership Ups and Downs

  Ahhh, business partnerships. They can be a great asset to your company or detrimental depending on some key factors. If you’ve ever been in a business partnership or know someone who has, you’ve probably heard about some challenging times. The challenge sometimes is that you won’t always agree. This by itself can actually be […]

The Perfectionist’s Lie

  I have to tell you that ironically, this was one of the hardest videos I’ve done. For some reason, I just couldn’t get it “right”.  It took many tries to get this video recorded which made me laugh given that the topic at hand is perfectionism. 🙂 Having said that, I do have high […]

When Quitting is Empowering

Have you ever thought about quitting something but you weren’t sure if it was the right thing to do? Thought maybe you were “copping out” or just not focused enough? I know so many people (including myself) who keep slogging it out when it might be time to quit and move on instead. I want to […]

Why Resolutions Don’t Work & The “Secret Sauce” Solution

It’s almost a month into the new year and many people will have made and broken their New Year’s Resolutions already! They’ve maybe even made that resolution before and yet it didn’t stick. This is a really common thing. You have really great intentions, it seems like an awesome idea, you’re motivated, you’re pumped up and […]

Make a Change Inevitable in 3 Easy Steps

  If you’re human, which I assume you are, you’ve probably had times when you’ve “dabbled” with quitting something. You’ve had something you’ve tried to quit, and know it’s what you want, but it’s taken some time to get to the point of actually committing to it! There are many reasons this may happen and […]

You Deserve to Appreciate How Great You Are!

  If you’re anything like me and have a busy life where you’re consistently pushing boundaries, it’s easy to forget to appreciate how great you are!  I don’t mean being egotistical. I’m talking about simply noticing and appreciating the greatness within you. So often, instead of stopping to notice what you’ve already achieved and who […]

How to Avoid Burnout

  Last week during one of my Mastermind calls the topic of self care came up. As a group of busy professional and business women, all of us could identify with the challenge of taking care of ourselves.  The expectations we put on ourselves to give not just to our businesses and professions but also […]

He Was Shot Down but His Legacy Will Live On

Last week, my friend Rafael Bejarano was travelling in Egypt – doing his work and living his mission when he was shot down during an air raid by Egyptian militants. He was innocently minding his own business, eating lunch when it all unfolded. He was a peaceful, loving, giving man. A man who touched lives and […]

How To Turn a Business Idea Into Reality

  I was recently talking to a client and she asked, “How do I take an idea and turn it into a business?”.  This is a huge topic! There are many components to starting a business, and it always starts with the seed of an idea. Sometimes, the challenge is that you have so many […]

The Real Reason You Should Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

  I love getting great questions from other people that make me think and learn. I was recently asked why we’re always being told to step outside of our comfort zone when it’s so darn uncomfortable! What a great question! It’s not always easy or natural to go into that uncomfortable place. It can be even […]

How To Be Successful

  Everyone deserve to have the success they want and desire. I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from some of the best leaders and business minds in the world. One thing I’ve learned is that success leaves clues! As I’ve watched and listened to these extremely successful people, I’ve learned a few […]

One Small Decision Can Change Your Life

  Last year when I said “yes” to an opportunity to join an incredible group of Empowerment Leaders and Transformational Coaches in Liberia, Africa, I had no idea the impact that decision would have on my life and the lives of others. Sometimes, the smallest decisions can be the most life changing.  The incredible part was […]

The Forgotten Skill to Building Success

    As you may know, I’m part of an incredible Mastermind Group that meets weekly.  Each week we share our successes and then we spend some time problem solving or brainstorming ideas to take our business and life to the next level. It’s a really incredible way to build momentum and also have accountability! […]

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