How To Have A Strong No And Stand In Your Yes

Have you ever been compelled to say “yes” when you really mean to say “no”? Or you say “yes” and then don’t really want to spend the time and energy to follow through? Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in saying “yes” to everything and everyone which can lead to stress and burn out. […]

5 Ways You Matter

We’ve all had times in our life where we haven’t felt like we’re enough. We’re not smart enough, pretty enough, successful enough, tough enough, vulnerable enough…you get the picture. It’s human. The thing is, YOU MATTER. Plain and simple. It’s just believing it.  We’re often our own worst enemies because we let our minds run […]

How to Let Someone Go

If you’ve done your part in providing support and training along the way and given them ample warning that there could be an end to their employment, they’re just not meant to be in that position. Once you come to your final decision and you’re ready to let someone go, remember to be as kind as possible while sticking to the facts.

How to Be Respected As An Approachable Leader

Being a leader doesn’t always mean you need to come up with all the answers or that you need to rule with an iron fist. In fact, being an approachable leader where others feel welcome to talk to you and want to bring ideas to the table can be extremely helpful to you and your […]

Managing Bullies in the Workplace

Most of us have heard about people being bullied or maybe you’ve even had someone try to bully you.   It’s never fun when this happens and unfortunately it’s relatively common. One thing to remember is that it’s never really about you. Although it can be hurtful and potentially harmful to those people involved, the reason […]

Effective Brainstorming and Spaghetti

Did you know that brainstorming can be really fun when you approach it with playful attitude? I like to think of it as throwing ideas out and seeing what sticks, kind of like throwing spaghetti at the wall.(If you haven’t tried throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it’s cooked, you should – it’s really fun!)

Navigating Business Partnership Ups and Downs

  Ahhh, business partnerships. They can be a great asset to your company or detrimental depending on some key factors. If you’ve ever been in a business partnership or know someone who has, you’ve probably heard about some challenging times. The challenge sometimes is that you won’t always agree. This by itself can actually be […]

He Was Shot Down but His Legacy Will Live On

Last week, my friend Rafael Bejarano was travelling in Egypt – doing his work and living his mission when he was shot down during an air raid by Egyptian militants. He was innocently minding his own business, eating lunch when it all unfolded. He was a peaceful, loving, giving man. A man who touched lives and […]

The Real Reason You Should Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

I love getting great questions from other people that make me think and learn. I was recently asked why we’re always being told to step outside of our comfort zone when it’s so darn uncomfortable! What a great question! It’s not always easy or natural to go into that uncomfortable place. It can be even harder […]

3 Tips to Become a Powerful Communicator

Have you ever had a video camera turned on and then started to feel self conscious? Or you were more aware of what you were saying or doing, maybe clammed up a little? I had all of that happen (and more) several years ago when I was taking my Professional Speaking Certification with The Creative Performance Group.  Not only […]

How To Be More Productive and Motivated

Life is busy. Plain and simple. If you’re anything like me, some days feel like there is more to do than there is time. I’ve had my share of times where I didn’t feel like I could or would accomplish what I wanted to in a day and I beat myself up for it.  It […]

How To Set Boundaries When Something Feels Uncomfortable

Have you ever been asked to share more about your business or personal life than you’re comfortable sharing? Have you had that “icky” feeling that just doesn’t feel right? As you become more and more successful, you will be asked to share things that you may not be comfortable sharing. Things such as how you […]

How To Be Successful

Everyone deserve to have the success they want and desire. I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from some of the best leaders and business minds in the world. One thing I’ve learned is that success leaves clues! As I’ve watched and listened to these extremely successful people, I’ve learned a few gems […]

How to Overcome Failure

If you’re like me, “failing” is rarely fun and is often a challenge to overcome. I’ve had more “failures” than I can count and at the same time, I really believe they had to happen to get me to where I am today. One of those “failures” was a website business that I started last […]

How to Say No With Grace

Have you ever been in that difficult place where you want to say ‘no’ to someone but find yourself saying ‘yes’ instead? (And then you kick yourself after). Or you want to let the person down gently and respectfully decline an invitation for something but don’t know how? It can be tricky to say ‘no’ to someone […]

One Small Decision Can Change Your Life

Last year when I said “yes” to an opportunity to join an incredible group of Empowerment Leaders and Transformational Coaches in Liberia, Africa, I had no idea the impact that decision would have on my life and the lives of others. Sometimes, the smallest decisions can be the most life changing.  The incredible part was that […]

The Forgotten Skill to Building Success

As you may know, I’m part of an incredible Mastermind Group that meets weekly.  Each week we share our successes and then we spend some time problem solving or brainstorming ideas to take our business and life to the next level. It’s a really incredible way to build momentum and also have accountability! We purposely […]

Tips For Having a Difficult Conversation

Having a difficult conversation isn’t something we usually look forward to. Being prepared in advance can make it easier and increase the likelihood of creating the outcome you want! In this video I share with you a few simple tips to help you prepare for a difficult conversation as well as some ideas on how […]

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