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The Power of Words to Create Success

Have you ever noticed that you’re talking to yourself? Whether you’ve noticed it or not, you constantly have an inner dialogue that influences not only how you feel, but also how successful you are in life. 

I recently had a bunch of cognitive tests done to help evaluate how I think and how my brain functions. It was fascinating.  The most interesting part was that the highest part of my scores came from the “positivity” tests. Apparently, I see, experience and percieve the world as an optimist.

While this in and of itself wasn’t overly surprising (most people would say I’m pretty positive), what was surprising was how persistent the doctor was in making sure I knew that this was a gift that has influenced not only my ability to cope with challenging situations but it has also influenced my success. While some of this may be genetic, I reminded him that I’ve practiced being positive for many years. I didn’t start out being able to influence my thoughts and inner dialogue as well as I can now (and it’s still a work in progress!).

What we now know from science and what this doctor confirmed is that the way we think and the conversations we have with ourselves can greatly influence our lives. From overall happiness to success in all it’s forms – however you choose to measure it, you have the opportunity everyday to decide how you talk to yourself.

One of the most important things you can do is to choose words that support you in achieving the life you want. 

The question is, how the heck do you do this? In this video, I walk you through some simple ways to learn what you’re currently saying to yourself and how you can up your game to choose even better words that can completely transform your life!

What you say to yourself is who you become. 

After you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you. What are the new words you’re going to use when you’re talking to yourself? Share below!

Until next time, remember, you are awesome, wonderful, powerful, resilient, brilliant and freekin’ ah-mazing.  There you go…that’s a good start for words you can use the next time you talk to yourself. 🙂

~Dawn xo

PS. Remember, you get to create your life. Keep adding. words that make you feel great!

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