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Most of us have heard about people being bullied or maybe you’ve even had someone try to bully you.   It’s never fun when this happens and unfortunately it’s relatively common.

One thing to remember is that it’s never really about you. Although it can be hurtful and potentially harmful to those people involved, the reason it happens has more to do with the person who’s doing the bullying.

Bullies are often just trying to get attention and feel better about themselves by putting others down. It can also be a form of control and manipulation. Although it affects the people being bullied, it’s really an insecurity on the part of the bully. This is nice to know but doesn’t always resolve the problem.

Of course, no one deserves to be bullied but it can help you learn to stand up for yourself, especially in the workplace. As long as you’re not in imminent danger, there are some things you can do to neutralize the situation. Read More


Did you know that brainstorming can be really fun when you approach it with playful attitude? I like to think of it as throwing ideas out and seeing what sticks, kind of like throwing spaghetti at the wall.(If you haven’t tried throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it’s cooked, you should – it’s really fun!)

Effective brainstorming is the key to coming up with new ideas that are going to be worth testing and investigating further. However, before you start the process, you will want to get rid of any preconceived notions of what is a “good” and a “bad” idea. Removing your own filters and preconceived notions is critical. Throw out the rules and just go for it!

This is even more fun and productive when you bring a group of people together to help you. If you already have a team of staff or colleagues this can really help the team collaborate and bond too. If you don’t have a team, bring some people you respect and who are creative to the table to get some outside perspectives. It’s invaluable.

There are some really simple tools you can use to make the brainstorming process fun and productive. Read More


Ahhh, business partnerships. They can be a great asset to your company or detrimental depending on some key factors. If you’ve ever been in a business partnership or know someone who has, you’ve probably heard about some challenging times.

The challenge sometimes is that you won’t always agree. This by itself can actually be a healthy thing if it sparks new ideas and conversation that moves a company forward. However, if it gets nasty and everyone needs to be right, it can really slow down the company progress while eroding the relationship among the partners.

There is a balance between having alignment and having different approaches that compliment each other. If you’re all the same there is potential for gaps in leadership but if you’re totally different and don’t appreciate what each person brings to the table, or if one or all of the partners are disrespectful, it can be very stressful. Read More

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