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Have you ever been compelled to say "yes" when you really mean to say "no"? Or you say "yes" and then don't really want to spend the time and energy to follow through? Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in saying "yes" to everything and everyone which can lead to stress and burn out. […] Read More

  We've all had times in our life where we haven't felt like we're enough. We're not smart enough, pretty enough, successful enough, tough enough, vulnerable get the picture. It's human. The thing is, YOU MATTER. Plain and simple. It's just believing it.  We're often our own worst enemies because we let our minds […] Read More

Sometimes it's hard to let someone go. Whether it's in business or in your personal life, occasionally it's necessary in order to move forward. This can be more challenging when you've put a lot of time, effort, money and heart into a situation or person. I recently had to fire someone and while it's not my […] Read More

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