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Feed Your Spirit

Jealousy is an interesting thing. I heard someone saying recently that they were frustrated with their progress and that they thought they should be further ahead given their age. They compared themselves to some other people who had "made it" and the feeling of jealousy was taking over the perspective of their own life. They […] Read More

Have you ever thought about quitting something but you weren't sure if it was the right thing to do? Thought maybe you were "copping out" or just not focused enough? I know so many people (including myself) who keep slogging it out when it might be time to quit and move on instead. I want to […] Read More

It's almost a month into the new year and many people will have made and broken their New Year's Resolutions already! They've maybe even made that resolution before and yet it didn't stick. This is a really common thing. You have really great intentions, it seems like an awesome idea, you're motivated, you're pumped up and […] Read More

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