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As we head into the new year and start thinking about our New Years Resolutions (I prefer to talk about Outcomes or Goals...more on that at a later date), you may want to ask yourself what could hold you back. While many people are afraid of failing and know that the fear of failure can […] Read More

Have you ever wondered exactly who you are outside of what you do for a job or the roles you play in your life? Your identity and who you believe you are has a huge influence on your life and the lives of others. It can be a powerful force that is either empowering or […] Read More

Last week, my friend Rafael Bejarano was travelling in Egypt - doing his work and living his mission when he was shot down during an air raid by Egyptian militants. He was innocently minding his own business, eating lunch when it all unfolded. He was a peaceful, loving, giving man. A man who touched lives and […] Read More

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