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  Ahhh, business partnerships. They can be a great asset to your company or detrimental depending on some key factors. If you've ever been in a business partnership or know someone who has, you've probably heard about some challenging times. The challenge sometimes is that you won't always agree. This by itself can actually be […] Read More

I recently had a client ask for my advice on how to turn a poor performing staff member into a valuable asset for her company.  She had a family member who works for her who wasn't performing up to par. Of course, adding the dynamic that it was a family member made the situation even more difficult. […] Read More

Have you ever noticed that you're talking to yourself? Whether you've noticed it or not, you constantly have an inner dialogue that influences not only how you feel, but also how successful you are in life.  I recently had a bunch of cognitive tests done to help evaluate how I think and how my brain functions. […] Read More

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